Diocesan Youth Organisation

One of the vibrant youth structures in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, the Diocese of Zululand Youth Organisation is open to all young people who are baptized and confirmed.

It aims to help our youth come into a personal relationship with Christ and to teach the Doctrine as professed by the Church and practised by the Anglican Communion.

Emphasis is placed on the importance of worship and young people are encouraged to participate freely in liturgical worship, as well as to reach out to the youth of other denominations and assist those from disadvantaged and unstable environments. In this way, our youth are equipped with leadership and evangelism skills.

Owing to the increase in numbers at our bi-annual conferences, and the age gap between our youngest and oldest members, we have decided to divide the youth according to age. From 2009, they will assemble four times in four different places.

The age groups are: A 13-16; B 17-20; C 21-24 and D 25+ (Insika)

Goals for the future include:

  1. The appointment of a Diocesan Youth Convenor/worker
  2. Encouragement of each parish to have projects eg. gardens, etc.
  3. Devising a service of admitting new members into the organisation
  4. Suggesting of programmes for the year that each parish may follow
  5. Formation of regional structures (clustering of archdeaconries)
  6. Reaching out to all the youth of different races in the Diocese

Major Challenges and issues facing our Youth Ministry

  1. External pressures ('pentecostal' churches) who confuse our youth by claiming that they are 'The Church' and that our baptism is void
  2. Technology
  3. Interfaith marriages
  4. Haemorrhage (youth moving from home to tertiary institutions)
  5. Non participation of youth from some race groups.

For further information or to join the organisation, please contact Mr Thuthukani Nkomo (President) at: P O Box 2260 Nongoma 3950, email: thuthukaninkomo@yahoo.com, or call 076 715 8776 / 078 316 7283.

Or our chaplain, The Revd Siboniso Zulu at: Kwamsindisi Ongcwele Parish, P O Box 1493 eShowe 3815, email: revsibo6@gmail.com or call 073 3847898.



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